You want to be a miniature?

We are a small production company in Sweden. We can scan or sculpt so you can have yourself or loved ones as a miniatures! 

Come to us for the highest quality scanning and production. 

Your sculpture will be made of light grey resin, ready for you to paint if you like. Visit our friendly studio and get yourself scanned with our high-quality 3D scanning machine.

More vivid than a photo to capture the moment, for gifts or for wedding decoration!

You can choose from 4 standard sizes starting from only 1500 SEK:

What a great way to celebrate yourself and your loved ones! Wear your favorite outfit and head over to us. You may add props for free. We can modify the scan a little if you like.

54mm – 1500 SEK

60mm – 1500 SEK

70mm – 1600 SEK

80mm – 1700 SEK

90mm – 1800 SEK

100-170mm – 2000 SEK

Price include scanning, post-processing work, high quality resin print, shipping. Incl. vat for EU customers.