PROCEDURE The whole scan takes only about 5 minutes of your time. It’s a relaxed affair and you only stand still for a few minutes, much like photographing in the old days of the 19th century. Then see yourself rendered on the screen of the machine. Now you can go away happy that the scan has been a success. We will have your print ready ready to collect or send within 14 days.

DRESS CODE Please try to avoid:

  • Deep black flat color (the scanner only sees a big void which will not work well)
  • Furry, shiny and highly reflective fabrics (furry might work if we put water on, reflective is a problem)
  • Shiny metal watches, etc will be invisible to the scanner unless we prepare them (we can if you want).

Anything else pretty much works fine to wear. What you wear is how you will look, so please feel free to be creative!

NOTE Our scanner does flash intensively so if you are sensitive to this, for example if you have epilepsi we do not recommend getting scanned. Our 3D scanner is absolutely harmless, no x-rays or any other dangerous radiation.

LOCATION We are in Helsingborg, Sweden. Please contact us so we can book a time that fits you!